Official Selections
August - September 2023 Period
"Yūjō (friendship)" by John Nevarez, Sandro Cleuzo & Tony Tarantini
"Best Animation", "Best Original Score" - Carlo Chiarotti "Best Original Song"
Your face was hidden
But I know that sooner or later
Will return
I do not see you
But I know that you are watching me
Day after day
Night after night
My ears no longer hear your voice
But my heart hears everything
A thousand years from now
In 1 day, 1 year, 100 thousand years, your face I will see again
In 1 day, 1 year, 100 thousand years, I don't know where, but you will find me again
In 1 day, 1 year, 100 thousand years, I know your face next to mine I will see again
I will be the cloud and you will be the moon.
I will cover you with both hands
And our roof will be the sky
"Small Fish, Dog Fish I" by Silvia Mantellini Faieta
"Best Mobile Film"
The short film takes its name from thoughts about criminal organizations and the slang used by them to describe, respectively, the small executioner and the boss.
Filmed with an iPhone, the video is an exchange of considerations between the artist and her brother about the illegals’ way of life and the aggregations’ rituals.
Having as the main location a leper colony–now a place of rave parties–Small Fish, Dog Fish turns from techno music and police alarm to the presence of sea, nature and calm. Going from hallucinations to clarity of mind, the viewer feels a kind of hope in life changes.
"Misfortune" by Linda Kudzmas
"Best Animation"
Adapted from a Polish folktale, ‘Misfortune’ tells the story of two sisters; Marta the elder, and Zofia the younger. Marta is very rich, and lives in luxury. Zofia is very poor because Misfortune lives on her stove. Misfortune plagues Zofia, causing disasters that constantly keep her struggling to survive. When Zofia cleverly rids herself of Misfortune, Marta becomes jealous and risks everything to get Misfortune once again, living on Zofia’s stove.
"Love and Peace" by Prem Murti
"Best Music Video"
Prem Murti's "Love and Peace" is a song that celebrates the significance of kindness, understanding, and unity in the world.
2-time GRAMMY®-nominated vocalist Natalie Ai Kamauu from Hawaii lends her captivating voice to the track. The music has been composed, arranged and produced by Prem Murti and the lyrics have been written by Mike Greenly, an American writer, and the man behind “Our Great Virginia”, the official traditional state anthem of Virginia as of 2015.
The song includes Shanti (Peace) Mantra sung by Prem Murti that adds a spiritual and transcendent quality to the song.
Annemarie Picerno, with her exceptional vocal range and dynamic style, brings a vibrant energy and impeccable harmonies in the song.
Adding a rich and soulful texture to the song is acclaimed cellist Tess Remy Schumacher, who has been featured in a GRAMMY®-winning classical compendium album.
Award-winning violinist An Vedi brings her masterful artistry to the song, and guitar virtuoso Russ Hewitt adds a stirring and emotional dimension to the music.
And lastly the graceful movements of Yogini Megan Schoenbohm Brentwood perfectly complement the song's message of love and peace.
"Where Storks Rest" by Józef Romasz
"Best Feature Documentary"
"Where Storks Rest" is a magical story, both sad and funny, sometimes even mocking. This is a film about male friendship and male sensitivity.
The action takes place in the tiny village of Czukty, located in Poland, in Masuria Garbate. For the protagonist of the film, Wiesław Boltryk, an artist-vagabond by choice, it is an adopted patrimony. The camera accompanies his lonely wanderings around the countryside, looks into the houses where he spends the night, registers micro-events in which his life and the villagers' lives intertwine for a moment. The songs of Masurian bard Andrzej Garczarek provide a metaphorical commentary on these micro-stories, "reviewing" events invisible in this kind of road movie. They ask the eternal questions about the "tree of knowledge: good not necessarily and bad not necessarily...".
"Desert Belles" by Candace Egan
"Best Original Screenplay"
"Where Storks Rest" is a magical story, both sad and funny, sometimes even mocking. This is a film about male friendship and male sensitivity.
The action takes place in the tiny village of Czukty, located in Poland, in Masuria Garbate. For the protagonist of the film, Wiesław Boltryk, an artist-vagabond by choice, it is an adopted patrimony. The camera accompanies his lonely wanderings around the countryside, looks into the houses where he spends the night, registers micro-events in which his life and the villagers' lives intertwine for a moment. The songs of Masurian bard Andrzej Garczarek provide a metaphorical commentary on these micro-stories, "reviewing" events invisible in this kind of road movie. They ask the eternal questions about the "tree of knowledge: good not necessarily and bad not necessarily...".
"ANA" by Carolina Correa & Leandro Miranda
"Best Experimental Film", "Best Actress" - Ana Cândida
Ana is confined in a chicken coop. The female on the perch talking about her losses. Her pet rooster died. Should she be sad about the death of a rooster while millions of people die in the world? She lost a rooster, her father, her sister and a little bit of hearing. What does it means? No one wants to hear anymore. She brings her great-grandmother Ana, who killed herself, for reflection. She questions the attitude of the woman from before, drawing a parallel with the woman of today. Talks about her delights and fears. Ana : the portrait of a woman.
"Turn Off My Heart - Music Video" by Bjørn Olav Edvardsen, Jostein Vedvik
"Best Music Video", "Best Original Song", "Best Cinematography"
The Artists emotions and loneliness is overwhelming. But does he run away from the emotions, or does he dive into them? The forces of nature, the ocean, the waves, the wind - the video shows you all this. Beautiful, dangerous, mighty! As metaphores of his feelings and his struggles, but maybe also his savior, his redemption? This music video takes you into the world and thoughts of the Artist, you experience the forces of nature first hand - but also the calm of it all. We all need to dive into our emotions sometimes, face what comes our way - and then hopefully, be able to move on. Emotions are part of life for all of us.
This Music Video was made from a love of music and nature, for the song Turn Off My Heart. This was Bjørn Olav Edvardsens debut as a solo artist in the norwegian selection for Eurovision 2023.
"The Orchestra Chuck Built" by Christopher Stoudt
"Best Short Documentary", "Best BLM Film"
In 2016, the League of American Orchestras conducted a study that revealed a shocking statistic: only 1.8% of the professional orchestra workforce in the US is Black. From an old church rec room in the inner city of Los Angeles, former lawyer-turned-conductor Chuck Dickerson is on a mission to change that.
Through ICYOLA - The Inner City Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles — the largest majority Black orchestra in the country — Chuck is creating life-changing opportunities for his community that did not previously exist. The Orchestra Chuck Built is a loving portrait of a tireless mentor and a testament to the transformative power of music.
"Krazy Dead" by Horatio Tihanyi
"Best Feature Screenplay"
Kray Dead is comedy about a dysfunctional family that owns operates in funeral home. Seems even the dead need a good laugh now and then.
"I wish i was human" by Yara Tabrera
"Best Young Director" - Yara Tabrera
In this short film, a hand with arthritis explains the abuses she lives in hands of her cat and how she avoids to tell people because everyone says that "they just can't think about her cat in that way"... Or something like that.
"CREMANTIQUE" by Remy Powell Lamont
"Best Music Video", "Best COVID-19 Film", "Best Fantasy"
In this short film, a hand with arthritis explains the abuses she lives in hands of her cat and how she avoids to tell people because everyone says that "they just can't think about her cat in that way"... Or something like that.
"Best Trailer"
Teaser trailer with video taken directly from my film for my feature GERONIMO'S REVENGE.
"Gain" by Seongho Won
"Best Director Debut"
A movie that "Gain" was participated as leading actor is embroiled in a plagiarism controversy, and her close friend is selected as leading actress of a famous director. The story of "Gain", who continues to move forward with strength even if the desperate situation continues to unfold.
"Script Avenue" by Daniel Bodenmann
"Best Adapted Screenplay"
"Forrest Gump" meets "Pulp Fiction" - that sums up the life of Claude Cueni in its brutality and witty drama. Growing up under the religious delusion of his parents and the violent relatives, he has one goal: to get out of what others would call 'family' and become a writer. But fate is only partially kind to him. His son is handicapped by a mistake the doctors made shortly after birth, his great love dies because of cancer - and as a 'thank you' for the years of care for child and wife, Cueni falls ill with leukemia and has to fight for survival himself. But two things cannot be taken away from him: the will to go on living and his sense of humour. If the story of the troubled protagonist were not true, one would dismiss it as exaggerated fiction.
From his sickbed, Claude Cueni tells the touching story of his life in his own quirky way. Not without heading for a happy ending - or yet another misfortune?
"La Alegría" by Lacielle Galipeau & Elena Du Pisanie
"Best Short Documentary"
"1984" by Armin Azizi
"Best Short Film"
"Le Choix de Sofia (One Last Thing)" by Alain Deslongchamps
"Best Short Film", "Best ECO Work"
Sofia, a marketing specialist, a superwoman in a man’s world is trapped in an episode of her stressful life, overlooking herself until she hits a wall. The film sets up a parallel between Sofia’s life and the climate change problems, initiated through the denial of her soul for the benefit of our mass consumption society.
"Not everyone wants to leave home" by Alfonso Duarte
"Best Autobiography Film"
What happens when a Mexican president engages in a full-on war against the drug cartels? This is the story of just one of the thousands of families who were forced to flee their homes in the once-booming Mexican border city of Juarez due to widespread violence during the Mexican Drug War.
"Not everyone wants to leave home" by MICKE
"Best Comedy"
Hector and Marius are at the wedding of their sister Paulette; Hector is worried about his sister's departure from the family home; arrives late at the office and is forced to run to catch up with the procession but a great heat stroke wins him and decides to dive in the Adour
to refresh itself ………!
"Who is God?" by Oscar Adan Lopez Parres
"Best Short Film"
Humanity is a wonderful race. With amazing creativity. With the ability to create great empires and destroy itself. Human beings can create life. In its eternal solitude, humanity engendered its son. The technology.
The human as well as God will look for the creation to become the image and likeness of the creator.
"Best Experimental Film"
At the beginning of my stay at Arte Ventura in Spain I saw a small dead robin next to my apartment. I was afraid to step on top of him. So I thought of a way to prevent this.

For 6 years I have been commmisioned by the cemeteries De Nieuwe Ooster en De Nieuwe Noorder in Amsterdam. To commemorate the beloved deceased in a film.
Sometimes I miss that and sometimes I don’t because now there are new options.
Death always remains in our lives for humans and animals.

For this little bird I devised a ritual.
"Happy Birthday" by Vittoria Benigno
"Best Student Film", "Best Director Debut"
"Happy Birthday" tells the story of a young girl struggling with addiction and loneliness. Nora realises she has lost control over her life through her sister's voicemails.
"Dojo" by Armin Alic
"Best Action Film", "Best Editing", "Best Sound Design", "Best Producer" - Jon Paul
Shane Lucas, an ex-Yakuza member and 4th degree black belt in Judo, is hunted down at his local dojo in Los Angeles 1985 by his long-time rival, Elias Da Rosa and his crew members from the same crime family. Shane is threatened to come back to the Yakuza or would suffer the consequence of not.
"we had a thing" by Franz Quitt
"Best Student Film"
Helene and Hans have been dating for over three months. Today she'll visit him for the last time. As they talk about their attempted relationship, they get to know each other and themselves more than they are comfortable with.
"The foam and the lion" by Cláudio Jordão
"Best Animation"
On July 6th, 1808, the "Bom Sucesso" caique and 18fishermen left Olhão, in Portugal, towards Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), taking with them the good news that Portugal was finally free of Napoleon's enemy troops. But in the midst of a great storm, men lose their bearings and faith. The "Bom Sucesso" caique enters an enchanted realm, where a fantastic Marine Creature falls in love with him and will try to save him from a tenebrous Monster in the service of the enemy.
"Findings" by Kristina Schippling
"Best No-Dialogue Film"
Findings is a film about a young woman's process of finding herself. She no longer fits into her own home, she literally grows out of it. But she cannot find a new home and loses herself in the search for it ...
"This was XOPOШО" by Anna Sergeeva
"Best Short Documentary"
Ula sees her mom in her dream…and in the morning her front tooth filling fells off. She decides that it’s a sign for her to go to her hometown in Siberia to fix there her teeth...She grabs her kids, and family starts their journey which was suddenly interrupted.
"The Empty Space Between Us" by Aline Brunn & Nick Gray
"Best Short Film"
Alone in his apartment, Søren, a psychologist, finds himself battling his darkest thoughts in between reality and illusion.
"Tourists" by David Vodan
"Best Feature Screenplay"
German film school friends, take a trip to famous locations from horror film classics in Texas/USA. At the same time, an American clique is out in the desert to have fun. But suddenly the two groups are faced with an unexpected enemy...
"Liturgy of anti-tank obstacles" by Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk
"Best Short Documentary"
The reality in Ukraine split into before and after the war. Every citizen is trying to contribute to the nationwide resistance. Many people retrained for the needs of the military. Sculptors and metalworkers now make anti-tank obstacles. In the art workshops, among the artwork, anti-tank obstacles are being produced. The artists make the anti-tank obstacles, surrounded by the sculptures of angels, Cossacks, and famous Ukrainian personalities. Statues stand in the corners like a silent army. Multiple copies of Jesus Christ, like a terracotta army, froze in various poses and waiting. Masters weld metal for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
"The faun of healwood, the edge" by Stephane Artus
"Best Fantasy"
During a walk in the forest, a young woman, Jane, meets a wounded stranger pursued by strange hunters. She asks her to help her reach a dolmen in order to bring a magical object. Jane is reluctant to accept the adventure for which she seems destined.
"Grandma's Magic Pills" by Jing-Yu Xiao
"Best Short Film", "Best Student Film", "Best Young Director" - Jing-Yu Xiao, "Best Director Debut", "Best Original Soundtrack", "Best Original Screenplay", "Best Closing Credits"
"Terror in Toulouse: Has the Community Recovered?" by Lisa Burkhardt-Worley
"Best Short Documentary"
In 2012, a radical Islamist opened fire on a Jewish High School in Toulouse, France, killing three children and a religious instructor. In this documentary, Lisa Burkhardt Worley will retell the story of this antisemitic attack and will explain the state of antisemitism in France today.
"Out of State-A Gothic Romance" by Victoria Bugbee
"Best Feature Film", "Best Actress" - Sarah Moliski, "Best Director" - Victoria Bugbee, "Best Drama", "Best Romance", "Best Scenography"
Elsa, 18, is sent to live with her strange step-relatives Aunt Marcia and her two twenty something sons, Tab and Emery. Tab is a pianist and Marcia's favorite while Emery is the Cinderella of the family and they never leave their house. Both brothers fall madly in love with Elsa shattering Marcia's control. Who will leave with Elsa? Stay tuned and find out.
"Phobos" by Zafir Ahmed
"Best Short Film", "Best Actor" - Wael El Shebokshy
Dealing with phobia and how it can damage your life without any real influence.
"Dog’s Walk in circle" by Nicolas Di Cocco
"Best Feature Film"
Ricardo Darring is a moderately successful theatre director/actor. He staged some memorable plays a long time ago. Lack of the ideas for his writings and debts lead Ricardo to accept a proposal from a childhood friend, now mayor of his hometown Jorge Salcedo. On the occasion of the reopening of the Municipal Theater, Ricardo revives with the original cast the play that 30 years ago boosted his fame but forced him to leave his fellow cast member behind. Ricardo begins his journey back to his hometown full of doubts. He looks for the original cast and tries to convince them to participate in the play once again. He invites first Marcelo, his good friend from the past, and Clara, his youth love. Marcelo has a relationship of intense enmity with Salcedo. Ricardo decides to hide from them the real reason to participate in the play again and lies to convince him. Clara is torn between a relationship with Marcelo and the curiosity of discovering her first passion again. Ricardo has to recover the rest of the cast: marginals, alcoholics or simply lost in everyday life. The rehearsals go on and the play seems to have more and more things in common with real life. When it is revealed that Salcedo is sponsoring the event, Marcelo discovers Ricardo as a liar and a traitor. Ricardo faces the greatest dilemma, to repeat the betrayal of the past or to redeem himself in anonymity.
"Five Questions" by David Arrow
"Best Short Film", "Best Director", "Best Actress" - Amber Paul
In Five Questions, Jill, a young woman played by Amber Paul, comes to terms with an early trauma in her life. In each of the film's five scenes, a question is asked that propels Jill forward and toward an answer that opens a path to resolution.
Written and directed by David Arrow, the film stars Amber Paul as Jill and features a diverse supporting cast that includes Donna Lynne Champlin, Kiera Allen, Joyia D. Bradley and Elijah Guo. The film was produced by Leon Derriey.
"Ave Gradiva" by Yuri Riklis
"Best Romance"
When a lonely man, a fashion photographer, meets the sweetheart of his youth, from whom he separated under the pressure of his Oedipal mother, he is attacked by fragments of past memories and does everything he can to realize the love of his life, doubt in the dream - doubt in reality, doubt in the present - doubt in the past, under the influence of a literary and surrealistic character Gradiva.
"No, Prime Minister!" by Yuri Riklis
"Best Drama", "Best Black & White Film"
NO, PRIME MINISTER! A tough bodyguard was promoted to the position of head of the Prime Minister's security team over her seniors. In her new role, she has to face the Prime Minister - a lonely, powerful, and macho man whose policies are controversial, in order to establish her position and fulfill her role and protect the Prime Minister's life, in the midst of a tumultuous election campaign and in the shadow of threats to his life, behind which there is a former Bodyguard.
"Back to the Kings of Israel Square" by Yuri Riklis
"Best No-Dialogue Film"
When the Angel of Death arrives 30 years later at the scene of the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, he witnesses a routine of life in the place - the Kings of Israel Square - where an event occurred that shocked the country and the entire world.
"Salut" by Yuri Riklis
"Best Black & White Film"
George Ginsburg (40s) is a new immigrant from France, a guitar player in a night club in Tel Aviv . His whole emotional world is - his girlfriend Michelle (late 20s) also immigrated from France and his dog Packo. When he receives a message about Michel's death in a terrorist attack at the "Dolphinarium" Dicko, his life ends also.
"The Cow" by Justin John Carroll
"Best Short Film", "Best Original Score", "Best Directors Debut"
A short film about domestic disharmony leading to the onset of domestic abuse.
"transformis: The School of Melancholy" by Julia Lanz
"Best Short Documentary", "Best LGBTQ+ Film"
'transformis' is an ethnofiction film, providing an intimate portrait of X Noëme aka X Schneeberger, an award-winning author and performance artist. The zero-budget production celebrates the failure of constructs, takes the alchemical transmutation process on an adventurous journey, redefining storytelling in the process and offering a new perspective on queer narratives through an experimental approach. Get ready for a captivating exploration of intersectionality and the indomitable resilience of the human spirit.
"Moth" by Maggie Nightingale
"Best Short Screenplay"
A moth follows a warm glow, and moves through a surreal landscape towards a final metamorphosis, culminating from love, tragedy and visceral desire.
"The Water Battle in Ouro Preto" by Matheus Vieira
"Best Short Documentary"
The Water Battle in Ouro Preto is a documentary that explores the controversy surrounding the privatization of water supply and sanitation services in Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais. The work delves into the social, political and health developments that emerged in response to privatization, including popular movements for the remunicipalization of sanitation.

Triggered by the controversial privatization process of the company Saneuro in 2020, the film examines the consequences of this act and the subsequent violations of human rights, especially with regard to access to water and sanitation. Saneuro, a consortium of local and foreign companies, is placed under a critical lens.

The documentary traces the path of popular resistance and attempts at remunicipalization, revealing the challenges and barriers faced, such as the struggle to reverse a privatization contract and the financial and political difficulties imposed by the action of transnational corporations. It also presents the dangers of the commodification of water, the problems of access to clean water and the impact on public health, with people turning to unregulated and potentially unsafe sources of water. The Batalha da Água in Ouro Preto is a testament to the need to protect and promote quality public services as essential for health, well-being and socio-environmental justice.
"The Evolution of a style" by Miguel Méndez Díaz
"Best Feature Documentary"
A community of artisans from Oaxaca began carving wood 50 years ago as a job alternative to avoid having to emigrate to the United States.
Currently they have turned their social condition around.
"Is it living or dying" by Stephan Puppe
"Best Experimental Film"
In first level it is a very old house (neglected, run down, in need of demolition) ask herself about the meaning of his lyrical form.
A young woman comes in and recognizes the potential and lets light and air into the dark rooms again.
In second level the house stands as a metaphor for sick, old, dement, disabled people in our society who do not correspond to the supposedly general norms of a "life spent meaningfully".
But now there are people today who take care of such people and enable them, sometimes at great sacrifice, to lead a better life and "bring them back" into society.
It is also a homage to all those who devote themselves to the disadvantaged in our society...i.e. social workers, geriatric nurses, nurses, volunteers...
"Lilac hour" by Julia Lis
"Best Animation"
Trying to run away from the mad dog,little cat finds a statue of a Gryphon, where she hides. Surprisingly, Gryphon becomes alive to protect young lady and show her all the beauty of Saint-Petersburg.
"Dior Lover_Natasa Lanieri Shakespeare" by Natasa Lanieri Shakespeare
"Best Short Film", "Best Director", "Best Actress" - Nadia Gabriel, "Best Actor"- Lucas Sullivan, "Best Producer" - Natasa Lanieri Shakespeare, "Best Makeup", "Best Composer"
Dior Lover works for a gourmet factory, yet she also draws Dior Fashion sketches hoping to work for Dior one day. And she receives a precious Dior item she can only dream of, and she is forced to confront a business person to prove it's hers. Soon she faces an emotional journey, not knowing that her personality is admirable. Audience: Everybody who loves the beauty of life.
"The Great Basin! Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Desert" by Eric Weeks
"Best Short Film"
The Great Basin! Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Desert is a film, book and print project that addresses climate change, the severe drought in the Western United States, gun culture, the military’s use of the basin and range of Nevada for atomic testing, cultural stereotypes, my own personal history, and my experiences in this mostly remote area. In the 15 minute short film I am creating complex collages of my still and motion captures made in Nevada with appropriated short clips from Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, recent weather footage, The Lone Ranger, as well as John Wayne’s and other historic films, cartoons, and many other cultural artifacts, in order to speak to the place and its significance.

Bruce Conner’s short films are very much informing my current work. Starting with his first film A Movie (1958), Conner appropriated found footage and montaged disparate imagery in order to speak about current culture and events, including the Cold War. Dara Birnbaum’s Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman (1978), a re-edit of television’s Wonder Woman footage, and Christian Marclay’s The Clock (2010), which consists of over 12,000 appropriated clips from the history of cinema, are also inspirations. Stanley Kubrick’s work is of course an important reference and influence.

The book component of The Great Basin! Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Desert project references Pocket Western Pulp Fiction books from the 1940s and 1950s, appropriating their design. The inside pages collage stills and text derived from the film. The book also includes the short story “And You Come Across The Basin Alone”, that I have written under a nom de plume.
"MeetingPlace by Antun Balog
"Best Experimental Film"
Meeting Place is a film that talks about changing our view of memories over time.
The author explores the reasons for this change through conversations with family members, photos and videos. Facing his memories from the past, the author prepares for upcoming events that he believes will change the course of his life. Through the creation of the film, the author discovers the importance of archiving memories through images and videos so that their change over time is as small as possible.
"The Divorcees Of Casablanca" by BENSOUDA MOHAMMED AHED
"Best Director", "Best Actress" - Okacha Sonia, "Best Young Actress"
Five women from the great city of CASABLANCA, a source of economic, social, and civilizational progress. There are five divorced women from different social strata, and are professionally active in various fields. These women try to rebuild their lives, in an unequal society, dominated by prejudices against divorced women, and ignorance of the rules of law governing the status of women.
"Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine the Narrative Documentary / Film." by Hudley Flipside
"Best Feature Documentary"
The Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine Creation Story. One of three interviews in this documentary/film series. Original Punk Staff Larry Lash, Original Punk Staff Tory Paisley, and lead singer Tony Reflex of the punk rock band the Adolescents.
Epeisodion One: Interview with original punk staff punk Larry Lash by Hudley Flipside.
Flipside Fanzine documented the original Los Angeles punk scene.
Pooch, Larry, Tory, X-8, and Al decided to do what no one else was doing. Write a fanzine. Live music was raw, loud, and intense. The clubs and bands were happening. A punk scene was growing fast, and punks gathered together in clusters.
1977 to 2002 Flipside Fanzine.
This documentary/film series was created during the Covid-19 pandemic. Zoom and Adobe Premiere Pro captured this narrative.
"Racho" by Rodrigo A. Rodríguez
"Best Student Film", "Best Comedy"
Valentin tiene que matar una cucaracha un día que sale con su novia para tener relaciones, lamentablemente el miedo por la cucaracha lo hace verla de una manera distinta.
"The Alice Test" by Gabriele Sardella
"Best Thriller"
Two men are locked in a room. Their task will be to survive inside it, but they will not be alone.
"future paradise" by Karel Ducasse Manzano
"Best Short Documentary"
Two men are locked in a room. Their task will be to survive inside it, but they will not be alone.
"Amsterdam, Vermeer and Keukenhof" by Milena Stoykova
"Best Mobile Film"
Three wonderful days in and around Amsterdam. Travel video shot on iPhone13promax.
"Lessor" by Il Sik Jang
"Best Short Film"
A broker who runs an ordinary-looking real estate office brokers surrogate mothers for infertile couples. One day, a client who has no need for a child from a surrogate mother due to divorce receives a message that the surrogate mother has disappeared.
<The problem of a world where the value of money exceeds the value of life>
"F A L L" by Kathleen Doherty
"Best Dance Video", "Best Composer"
A short solo contemporary dance film by Kathleen Doherty, exploring the complex intersection of emotion and environment. Embodying the struggle for mental health from the depths of the pandemic.

The artist’s struggle with their environment echoes the internal conflict that often accompanies mental health challenges. As a result, the image glitches and fractures, mirroring the artist’s own sense of disorientation and confusion. The artist's work evokes a somber, introspective mood hinting at anxiety and loss. Yet there is a sense of hopefulness as they reach for the light. This theme runs throughout, suggesting that even in the most difficult times there is a chance for redemption and renewal.

By confronting their own emotional challenges head-on and expressing them through their art, Kathleen has created a powerful work that is both deeply personal and universally resonant.
"I'm Martha, Colombian" by Frank Sputh
"Best Feature Documentary"
The film is a slowcumentary, the nearly three-hour portrait of a young Afro-Colombian woman, a slow, closely observing documentary, probably the world's most intense portrait of an Afro-Colombian woman and of Afro-Colombian life and thought to date. In a long conversation, she says, among other things: "The right man has not yet been born." She talks about her life in Colombia, about her first trip abroad, about love, sex and tenderness, about nationality, patriotism and politics, about health and education, about spirits and shamans, about women and men, about plants and animals, about order and discipline, about God and the world. Martha was born in the province of Chocó in northwestern Colombia. She grew up there in a small village, lived for a while in Quibdó, the provincial capital, and for six months in Cartago, a town in the province of Valle del Cauca, before coming to Cali, the capital of that province. She now commutes between Chocó, where her parents live, Cali and Santafé de Bogotá, the capital of Colombia. Martha had 20 siblings. But one brother was murdered, two other brothers died after an accident and one brother died after an epileptic seizure. Another brother is considered missing. She lived in Cali for a while with her sisters Yulisa, María and Yasnury. During this time I got to know them and was allowed to observe their life together there for two months and document it for this film. Martha also accompanied me on a month-long trip to Ecuador, where she experienced the sea for the first time in the province of Esmeraldas.
"Three boys" by Gianfranco Boattini
"Best Short Film"
Bertinoro, 1972. Thirteen-year-old friends Carmelo, Michele and Salvatore, run away from home towards Ravenna, with the hope of boarding a ship that will take them to America.
The whole village mobilized to search for the three young boys. Now far away, after a long walk in the surrounding woods, they boarded the train that took them to Ravenna. At the port, however, they found something bigger than themselves: the side of the huge, inaccessible ship saw them forced to change their plans. Lost in the city, they will come up against their inexperience and a seemingly hostile world.
Three boys, the possibilities of life and escape as a choice or as a search for freedom.
"Street Art Vision" by Bela Balog
"Best Animation"
Simple lines, shapes, shading and colors are often a more difficult way to tell a story visually. Yet this is the way that most naturally and accurately expresses mood, opinion, and freedom.The latter, i.e. freedom, is the most basic thesis of the artistic approach. Without it, there is no real art, only limited thinking.Presenting the world, revealing the truth. People look up to and pay attention to artists. This comes with responsibility. We can show reality, freedom and justice. This can inspire everyone in their field later.
"A Way on Another Avenue" by Luis Eduardo Graça & Renan Tcholakian
"Best Student Film", "Best Original Score"
An ambitious young actor with doubts about his future, at the end of the last show of the season, takes a strong introspective, emotional and musical journey home, where he reflects on the various paths ahead of him and which one he has to give up, in favor of his great opportunity.
"The World Outside Me" by Josi Vieira
"Best Short Documentary"
Dodó is a special woman. He lives in the city of Recife. Orphan of mother and father. He's 46 years old. He was born with an intellectual disability. It has limitations in mind and body, which makes it difficult to move around. Can't leave your house alone, go to a bakery or pharmacy for example. It is not responsible for itself. After the death of her parents, Dodó became the care of her younger sister, named Josi. That one morning in June of this year, he decided to take Dodó for the first time to the São José Market, located in the same city where he lives. A new world opened up before your eyes!
"Psycho X Xmas Special" by David Cleveland
"Best Animation"
A Christmas Special!! Who doesnt love a christmas special? Well this one touches your heart and introduces you to the characters a little bit more.
"Bonsai" by Leslie Yusuke Watanabe
"Best Short Film", "Best Sound Design"
Many years ago, while my father was working on his Bonsai plants in the garden, my mother said to me "He made my life a Bonsai" The result, decades later was this extremely personal work intertwining the technically brutal creation of the beautiful bonsai tree with the life of my mother.
"The Stones of Rome" by Sean Tansey
"Best Experimental Film"
A short film based on Mark Antony's funeral speech from William Shakespeare's play "Julius Caesar."
Antony takes it to the people, delivers Caesar's stirring requiem, and turns the tables on his assassins.
"No American Left Behind" by Ayush Talukder & Shreya Talukder
"Best Student Film"
No American Left Behind is a short film about the underfunding of reservation schools and our neglect of Native Americans and their right to a proper education.
"Swing to the Moon" by Marie BORDESSOULE, Adriana BOUISSIE, Nadine DE BOER, Elisa DRIQUE, Chloé LAUZU, Vincent LEVRERO, Solenne MOREAU
"Best Animation"
Living in the forest, little spider Temi dreams of catching the Moon. For that, she will do anything.
"Little Girls Past" by Meighan West
"Best Short Film"
A short story from the perspective of a little girl who grew up with a mother with multiple personalities.
"My Last Seven Years Episode 3 "The First Terror"" by Danilo Buendia
"Best VFX", "Best Horror"
Daniel's time has run out, to his horror, as he experiences The First Terror from The Book of Revelation...The Locust.
"Enter the Drag Dragon" by Lee Gordon Demarbre
"Best Feature Film", "Best Comedy", "Best Costume Design", "Best Original Soundtrack", "Best Opening Credits"

Get ready to go on a Drag-Fu odyssey, filled with face-crunching action, corset-busting comedy, gut-munching horror, and soul-touching musical numbers! You’ve never experienced anything like Enter the Drag Dragon! This blast of true of independent cinema will leave you wobbly in your heels as you try to recover from the non-stop thrill ride of adventure, laughs, screams, and romance.

Crunch is a part-time amateur detective, and a full-time Drag Queen. His lifelong best friend is Jaws, a roller-skating entrepreneur and fast-food delivery girl. The odd-ball pair has been through a lot over their lives, but are as close as siblings. They are no strangers to fast-times, adventure, and action. They spend their days working hard, and their nights watching chopsocky kung fu flicks in the abandoned movie theatre they've lived in since childhood, along with their childhood guardian, Fast Buck. Most of Crunch and Jaws' earnings go to Buck, to help him make ends-meet, and keep their stomachs full of popcorn and a roof over their heads.However, when Crunch takes it upon himself to solve his biggest case yet and track down a stolen panting that might reveal the truth of the mythical treasure of the of the Aztec Mummy, he discovers that he has much more to fear than the supposed undead army that guards the legendary loot. He soon finds himself over his head dealing with corrupt cops, zombies, dangerous mobsters, a lost puppy, ninjas, a budding romance, and ghosts. With mounting obstacles, Crunch realizes that he can't handle this one on his own, and must team up with Jaws and Buck if he wants to survive, let alone solve this case! Crunch only has one rule, never cross a cross-dresser!
"The New Age" by Paul Schilling
"Best Historical Film", "Best Actor" - Adriaan van Veen
"Lose yourself with me" by Véronique Bourlon
"Best Experimental Film"
An alchemy of sweat, of mixed breaths, of vibrations, of deliverance. An inextricable world of the quest and what fulfils it, of expectation and rapture, of burning and appeasement. A mysterious labyrinth where lesbian pleasures and floral metamorphoses merge.
"Little Fantasies" by Alissa Autschbach
"Best Drama", "Best Director", "Best Actress" - Kelsey Cooke
Fiona spurs on her neighbour Niall‘s fantasies by letting him watch her when she has sex with her lover.
It‘s a distance-based affair – from her window to his. And that‘s exactly how Fiona wants to keep it.
But when she runs into Niall‘s pregnant wife Siobhan, she develops a liking to her and starts to question how far she and Niall have let their voyeuristic games go.
"Danger on the Street" by Brandon Ladson
"Best Short Film"
"Abyss in" by Yannis Aivazis
"Best Feature Film", "Best Director", "Best Actor" - Stavros Parcharidis, "Best Cinematography", "Best Director Debut", "Best Color Editing", "Best Original Score", "Best Drama"
A 60 years old man with memory loss trying to get away of his abyss ,at his last days.
"My body suddenly started shivering" by Joëlle Wider
"Best Experimental Film"
Surrealist essay, like a broken glass, where the fantasies and obsessions of a woman invaded by the sudden perception that her body is being transformed into a new species are intertwoven.

We discover her back, naked bust, progressively submerged by intimate visions. Eyes, breasts, navel, sex and nose seem to convulse under the pressure of the accelerating time...a gaseous gangrene slowly colonizes the film...a school of fish is struggling to escape from the depths of her unconscious...Inferno, skeleton, reptile and decomposing skin are trying to hybridize.
The woman watches, between fascination and muscular tetanus, her successive moults without ever knowing their outcome.

Accompanied by an original soundtrack composed by Svea Jørwig, this short film without dialogues, scripted from fragments of video sequences and stop-motion photographies, questions our fears of old age, of our appearance which, day after day, becomes different, strange, almost foreign.
"Just Write" by Alessia Chinazzo
"Best Short Film"
What really happens when you're stuck.
"GREED" by 紫曦 詹
"Best Animation"
"Adam Jack's The Lurker" by Adam Jack
"Best Horror"
“Instagram Influencers, Colin and Fiona, seem like the perfect couple to their loyal followers, but their relationship is put to the test when a crazed serial killer breaks into their home. Chained to their bed, the couple is forced into a sadistic game of relationship trivia in which honesty is their only way to survive.”

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