Official Selections
June - July 2023 Period
"Her, life , the future..." by Zabaldu Naraé
"Best Short Film", "Best No-Dialogue Film"
The life of a couple with the disease of endometriosis, she will have to make a choice, but which one?
Do you really know the disease?
do you know who she is and what she does?
Passionate about dance, the disease takes a big place, what is the fight she will lead?
And what would be your choice?
the end is up to you...
"ICARUS" by Viet Nguyen
"Best Student Film", "Best Animation"
Alone and isolated, a young boy awakens in a barren desert and has no idea where he is. We follow his journey to escape the impending tornado to see what lurks beyond the barrier of the desert.
"Aedipar - The secret of the forbidden valley" by Dr. Ingo Bruchhold
"Best Animation", "Best Composer" - Dr. Ingo Bruchhold
The seagull Aedipar tells of a valley in which many barrels with strong smelling content lie. Young bears are planning to cleanse this valley again. They clear the barrels into a cave, which will be closed at the end. Everyone feels safe now. But as a spectator you can see that from the cave still dangerous clouds rise.
"FRIED" by Richard Goss, Jessica Crooks
"Best Cinematography", "Best Actor" - Richard Goss, "Best Duet" - Richard Goss & Jake McDaid
A psychotic call-centre worker and a depressed waiter struggle with minimum wage life in London, delving deeper into their alcohol and drug-fuelled violent fantasies, blurring the lines between reality and madness.
"Devour" by Conner Nikides
"Best Horror"
A man having his dinner on a expensive platter.
"Healer" by Conner Nikides
"Best Thriller"
A man coming to terms with the violent act he just committed.
"Souvenir" by Conner Nikides
"Best Drama"
A man reminiscing about his past as he goes about his day. But as he recollects , he starts to think about his regrets , his memories and the things he never did.
"Granite Jaw" by Conner Nikides
"Best Sport Film"
A heavyweight boxer training on his boxing bag as he thinks of the fights he has had in the past and is going to have.
A man with a granite jaw.
"Fanel and Chablais de Cudrefin - When nature takes back its right" by Hassan Lakhdar
"Best Short Documentary"
Hélène and Nathan, two environmental enthusiasts, set out to discover the natural site "Fanel et Chablais de Cudrefin" and the people who take care of it.
Located at the crossroads of several Swiss cantons and languages, this site was the first in Switzerland to be recognized as being of international importance over 45 years ago.
Hélène and Nathan discover with wonder how this former landfill for the city of Bern managed to come back to life. Other events, such as the floods of 2021, also hold surprises for us.
We discover the beauty and fragility of these natural habitats while becoming aware of the importance of preserving our environment for future generations.
A documentary film about the resilience of nature and its ability to regenerate and surprise us.
"Sisters of Vengeance" by George Louis Monteiro
"Best Short Film", "Best Dark Comedy", "Best Actress" - Patricia Delinois
Kidnapped and sold into sex slavery as a child, one woman claws her way out to take vengeance on those who exploited her by doing unto them what they did unto her.
"Best Feature Documentary"
Filippo Zoi is a 24-year-old with autism. Gifted with a remarkable artistic sensitivity which takes up most of his energy, every year he draws thousands of comic strips and illustrates the children’s stories that his father writes, with two successful books to his credit. But what seems to be the catalyst for all his inner effort are doors and gates, which from childhood Filippo has catalogued in his mind, both to “touch” and to draw. Periodically he feels the need to list to his parents all the gates he has seen from when he was a child until now. This ritual seems anchored in reality as well affording him a pleasure all of his own. Intimate and impenetrable like autism itself.
"Eleanor Slaughter" by Chris Chan Roberson
"Best Drama", "Best Actress" - Rebecca Quinn Robertson, "Best Director Debut", "Best Original Song", Best Original Soundtrack"
An ambitious musician uses the wrong hashtag and accidentally makes someone else famous. The result is a series of dueling documentaries that has the viewer questioning which story they can trust.
"The Case of the Missing Aebleskivers" by Cassandra Tittle
"Best Student Film", "Best Young Director" - Cassandra Tittle
Quirky cousins Jason and Inga are on the case when bad lighting reveals a thief among their gathering of misfit friends. They are determined to discover who stole their family heirloom fish and the aebleskivers they worked so hard to make.
"ULTRAVIOLET" by Isaiah Dunk
"Best Animation", "Best No-Dialogue Film"
In an attempt to navigate the darkness, Adam will find himself lost in hollow ultraviolet light.
"The Judge Part One" by Mesut Kaya
"Best Short Film"
In an unknown time...
...after the great war and depression...
...Laws have been reshaped around the world.
There were no more courts. in new laws. The judges decided what would happen to the criminals.
The judges were impartial.
... the judges were immortal.
and they judge criminals wherever they want to die and sentence them to death.
Only one person survived the judges.
Oda was the only person on Earth whose soul could remain pure.
There was no concept of time and death for that person.
"Tiki Taane in session with CSO" by Tiki Taane
"Best Feature Documentary", "Best Original Score", "Best Original Soundtrack", "Best Composer", "Best Sound Design"
Filmed in May 2021 to a sold out audience at the fully refurbished Christchurch Town Hall, Tiki Taane captures an emotional and explosive performance with - Christchurch Symphony Orchestra. Stunningly shot and superbly mixed, Tiki has raised the bar with what can be achieved when collaborating with a 50 piece orchestra. The genre bending, live looping performances makes for an extremely unique and original experience, solidifying Tiki as one of the most diverse artists from Aotearoa (New Zealand).
"Electric Light Oversoul" by Leslie Brockett
"Best Photography"
As light codes activate within us, our auric fields magnetize and we align with our own divinity. We are stardust, liquid light, etheric bodies, all in a cosmic dance within this galactic multiverse.
"Danger" by Ned Stresen-Reuter
"Best Music Video"
"Best Producer" - Leslie Brockett
"Best Costume Design"
John is a cast member of the EMMY Award-winning “Bob’s Burgers” as matriarch Linda Belcher which landed him first EMMY nod in the category of “Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance”.

In 2017 Blondie tapped him to drop some lyrical fire on “Love Level” from their critically acclaimed chart-topper Pollinator. "Looking," a wild anthem produced by Big Black Delta, followed in 2019, marked his solo debut with remixes by Tensnake and Gerd Janson. The song—which landed at #19 on UK club charts--along with “Dirty Little Secrets” In 2022 Roberts released a full album of club bangers with legendary DJ Junior Sanchez featuring Beth Ditto and Debbie Harry as well as remixes by Harry Romero and Felix da Housecat.
John’s first release of 2023 is a return to pop with his single “Danger” a moody mid-tempo 80’s esq bop produced by Junior Sanchez offers an exciting musical landscape filled with pulsating sounds and throbbing rhythm as well as Roberts vibrant and signature vocal style that brings the music to life.

"Your Call is Important to Us" by Elizabeth Lewis
"Best Short Screenplay"
In this Kafkaesque tale, a patient tries to reach the health service and the results are macabre.
"ZIUTA’S CROSSINGS" by Carolina Kerlow
"Best Feature Documentary"
Ziuta, Polish, Jewish and a survivor of the Second World War, was an extraordinary woman who aroused special devotion. His political commitment and his participation in supporting the clandestine struggle, beyond being a virtue, were a direct and almost biological part of it. Ziuta had the determination, being just a teenager, to resist exile with integrity, saving her mother and another family from perishing in flight. Despite the horrors and hardships, he maintained a grateful attitude toward life. These characteristics, and his particular sense of humor, permeate his story, even in chapters with painful themes: the death of his father, his madness; her suicide attempt in the Caspian Sea and her decision to come to Mexico where she rebuilt her life and lived with artists , writers, dancers and fimllakers in a time of great cultural effervescence in the country, even participating as an actress in some movies.
"Decisions" by Bar Mardix
"Best Short Film"
Tal Movshovitz is a 20-year-old ballroom dancer. When she arrives at an international dance competition, the judge asks her why she came to the competition, and she remains on stage without an answer. The film is a journey into her head, heart, thoughts, and feelings.
"One for the other" by Philippe Michel
"Best Short Film"
"Best Drama"
"Best Director"
"Best Original Screenplay"
"Best Duet" - Marie Legault & Celine Cuvelier
Two women wounded by life, with diametrically opposed characters, meet by chance at the table of a brewery. An exclusive and singular relationship forms between the two women.
"Scorpio" by Zoran Zonde Stojanovski
"Best Actor" - Marco De Ornellas
"Best Producer" - Marco De Ornellas
The love story between a novelist and his muse ends up abruptly with the revealing of an unexpected secret.
"EmergencE" by Marco De Ornellas
"Best Experimental Film"
A surrealistic non sequential piece inspired by the unlimited world of dreams.
We are all meant for something higher and greater in this life. The question is, are we ready to emerge from within and give birth to our myth? This is the birth of a modern rebel.
"SEE" by Johan Oudshoorn
"Best Music Video"
"Best Young Actor" - Hugo Voorn
"Best Cinematography"
"Best Color Editing"
"Best Original Song"
SEE is about a boy who doesn’t feel well in the dirty and poluted world around him. He decides to jump on his bike. His journey ends up in France, just like Vincent van Gogh. Where he starts seeing the true colors of Earth and starts painting on his iPad.
The goal of the film is to inspire people to take action for our planet and also to rediscover the true colors of Earth.
"Track in Time" by Ruben Rodas
"Best Cinematography"
"Best Comedy"
A stoner skydiver bump attempts to fix his life by messing with the time and space continuum.
"IT'S OK" by Xavier ( adamss Mcgarcia ) Garcia
"Best Experimental Film"
Our perception is our reality,or is it?
"Septum" by Nuria Cánovas Navedo
"Best Short Film"
An unexpected decision at a bad time will highlight the fragility of a young couple´s relationship.
"Daydreamer Night Warrior" by Mirka Ketttunen
"Best Experimental Film"
This is a fully AI rendered short. / A Nigerian immigrant woman lives in an early lo-sci-fi 20th century New York. In her dreams she encounters downtrodden people in a parallel steam punky NYC. She realizes she needs to free them, by traveling back to the dreamland. What she realises there will change her life.
"GOD'S WHISPER" by Christian Kotey
"Best Horror"
Lazarus has died and been buried, but his grieving sisters Mary and Martha argue about whether he can be raised from the dead. Tempted by a Dark Power, Martha allows her brother to be raised from the dead, but at what cost to them all?
"13 Driver's Licenses" by Ryoya Terao
"Best Short Documentary", "Best Educational Film"
The discovery of 13 confiscated driver’s licenses from 1938 leads a small German town to face its horrendous and regrettable past. With no other clue but those licenses, a group of high–school students with their tenacious teacher research the fates of the town's former Jewish citizens. A year later, an unexpected turn takes place. The modern-day Germans and some of the Jewish descendants from overseas gather in “their hometown,” and a fortuitous friendship begins.
"Trapped" by Mohamed Maged
"Best Short Film"
"Best No-Dialogue Film"
"Best Director"
"Best Cinematography"
When the time is stopped, we feel like we trapped.
Trapped in the same place, at the same time, the same gap.
we do not know why, we do not know what to do in this maze ... are we punished for something we did in the past or for something we are doing now ...
when the time is stopped, past look like the future, at this moment we wonder, are we need a helping hand, or that's the karma.
"Inside Outside." by Justin Yuanma Gao
"Best Student Film"
A cold-blooded killer sits proudly above her victim in a bare room. Though in her guise she comes across the mysterious power of her pen. Slowly, we start to witness the gripping claws of reality close-in on her as she experious mysterious phenomena outside the walls of her room; phenomena that might very well reflect the internal shouts of moral guilt.
"Yetis" by Tom Morgan
"Best Feature Screenplay"
Love & Monsters meets A Quiet Place, in which a group of millennials converging on a secluded research lab during a FOMO-inspired live social network event unwittingly release a few dozen legendary Yeti creatures that then terrorize a mountain town in the Sierra Nevada.
"The Vanishing Killer" by Kyle Simms
"Best Short Film"
A detective investigates the murder of a woman’s husband after the killer escaped with no possible way out…
"Best Educational Film"
Cancer is not one disease but many more types with different conditions each with its own name and treatment. Skin cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the skin.
Every year about 16000 people have diagnosed with Melanoma a dangerous form of skin cancer in Australia.
Around 2000 people in Australia die from skin cancer each year.
SKIN CHECK CHAMPION The charity group from Sydney, Australia raises awareness for and access to early detection services for communities most at risk of skin cancer.
They delivered a few thousand free skin checks since 2013. During National Skin Cancer Action Week [ 20 to 26 November 2022] in Australia, Skin Check Champions organized free skin check camp at Bondi beach Sydney. Scott Maggs CEO of Skin Check Champions teamed up with American artist photographer Spencer Tunick who is famous for photographing people in the nude in different parts of the world. They organize the STRIP OFF for SKIN CANCER events for awareness and fundraising at Bondi Beach Sydney.This film is made only to creat awareness of Skin cancer.
"STOP. PLAY. FORWARD" by Luigi Rizzo
"Best Short Screenplay"
A young girl trapped inside a dystopian government structure tries to break free from a teacher who wants to know who stole from a forbidden area
"The Pandemic Dances" by Richard Daniels
"Best COVID-19 Film"
It's lockdown - we cried, we laughed, we stressed, we cooked. A pandemic narrative is suggested in five short dance films: A Dance for A; Zooming; Nature Morte; Turbulence; and Test Kitchen. Employing at-hand technology - computers, iPhones, portable lighting, green screen - all films are shot in a single apartment. Awards: Best Quarantine Film; Best @home COVID-19 Short; Best New Media Dance Film; Best Experimental; Best Short; Best Director Cell Phone Films; Best Art Film and many more.
"Adrienne's Garden" by Richard Daniels
"Best Mobile Film"
Adrienne's Garden joins into one four short yoga-inspired movement videos featuring Adrienne Dornbusch meant to inspire and uplift mind, body and spirit.
"We are Bullying" by Senel Rodrigo Muñoz
"Best Short Film"
A high school teacher telephones the mother of one of her students, to warned her about the low results and the non-attendance of the girl. The mother, surprised, promises to find out more, and try to fix the issues presented by the teacher. Meanwhile, the limitless list of excuses that Luna gives her mother to not go, gets bigger and bigger, hidding the real reason for not wanting to go. Testimonies are heard in first person in the classroom, of some of the members of the school community, referring to possible acts of violence that are happening right in front of their noses.
"24:1" by Mark Anthony Benson
"Best Short Film"
In a world with new information, 24:1 follows Hezekiah Johnson as he comes to grips with his new reality and old choices.
"The Sand Eating Shark" by Samuel Safa
"Best Original Score"
"Best Composer" - Samuel Safa
"FRIDDO E FAMME (Cold and Hunger)" by Gennaro Iago Esposito
"Best Short Film"
"Friddo e Famme" describes and recounts the despair of an actor, dealing with the abuse, frustration and humiliation to which Ciro is forced to endure in order for the people around him to recognise acting as a job, which is instead continually belittled. The heart of the short film is the description of his failures and at the same time of his obstinate need to face all this in order to realise his dream. All the negative aspects of his life disappear, however, when the actor is finally in his own world, in his natural habitat. His eyes shine, they have a unique light. His heart beats fast, he is in love. He has an energy that ignites the moment he steps onto the stage, like a cure, regenerating him.
This short film is a tribute to the actors and all the performers in the show, who already suffer in their usual conditions, but with covid have been definitively devastated.
This project is also a tribute to Eduardo De Filippo, to his way of doing theatre, to the love he had for theatre. In fact, there will also be his voice in this exciting short film.
"MONTERANO'S TALES" by Marika Vannuzzi
"Best Dance Video"
A dialogue, sometimes conflicting, between living and colorful bodies, and dead, gray stone. there's no winner.... diffent stories, short and intense meeting.
"Gabrielle" by Aygul Abizgildina
"Best Short Film", "Best Experimental Film"
The recurring idea is to show women’s development, which divided into four stages.
The first trailer shows a childhood of a girl. There are only round forms, which shows simplicity. The feather is the center of the idea about Gabriell’s childhood. She have met a death when she was too little. Moreover, this emotions start to affect her brain and all her inner world.
The second trailer is about the next stage of a Gabriell’s life. It is an adulthood. The scenes shows both forms: sharp and round. There is also a complexity and a chaos in a grown up mind of a girl. She found herself as a mortician. The job helps to her to forget about the past and her mental problems.
The third trailer is when Gabriell found herself. The lines are sharp which represents independence and clarity about her life.
Suddenly, she lost herself it in one day.
The fourth trailer shows her final stage of her life. She decided to commit a suicide, because she cannot control her distorted world anymore.
"Dr. Yes" by Jervey L Staley
"Best Animation"
A mad scientist attempts to revive the greatest musicians of all time to create the ultimate rock band.
"Best Short Film"
A photographic journey through South India.
"Bullets in Paradise" by Violet Dempsey
"Best Short Documentary", "Best Young Director"
This documentary explores how teens' mental health is negatively affected by active shooter drills, and how nonchalantly they are handled in school environments.
"Best Music Video"
This music video is a puppet animation featuring a lonely man who feels redundant as he reminisces on better days. Alternating between uplifting rhythms and melancholic lyrics, the
character takes us through nostalgic encounters between himself and his friends, dancing and
musing, blurring the lines of reality. The journey becomes increasingly surreal, though culminates
on a hopeful note.
"Detective Stories" by Graham Pike
"Best Music Video", "Best Cinematography"
A 'film noir' musical drama.
Is he being unfaithful?
She hires a private detective.
"The Nightstalker case : investigation" by Steve Serpent Fabry
"Best Experimental Film"
When a video found by the police on an inanimate body and it leaks on the internet, a simple fact becomes an urban legend. Between facts and rumours, Luc Rife, an independent investigator, seeks to uncover the truth about the mysterious vigilante in town named The Nightstalker.
This pseudo documentary is linked to all the universe put in place by the group Sercati and The Nightstalker.
"Angel of Mercy" by Leslie Flannery
"Best Original Screenplay"
Inspired by Elvis, a girl exacts revenge on her father by plotting his demise as well as the cop assigned to manager her welfare case.
"ANAHTAR (THE KEY)" by Onur Yildirmaz
"Best Experimental Film", "Best No-Dialogue Film"
In our working life, we live a life that is not our own. The film also symbolizes the emotions that this creates in people...
...It is painful to take the shape of the container you are in.
"Sublime Soul" by Diego Stavitzki
"Best Dance Video"
Upon contacting something sublime, our soul takes over our body and life becomes a dance, engaging with the whole in a spirit of reverence and gratitude.
"Her, life , the future..." by Zabaldu Naraé
"Best Dance Video", "Best Music Video", "Best Drama"
The life of a couple with the disease of endometriosis, she will have to make a choice, but which one?
Do you really know the disease?
do you know who she is and what she does?
Passionate about dance, the disease takes a big place, what is the fight she will lead?
And what would be your choice?
the end is up to you...
"Branching Out With The Invisible Man" by Jim & Nick Zounis
"Best Dark Comedy"
A brief nostalgic piece involving a very tired and exhausted Invisible Man, suddenly being awaken to unexpected guests.
"Space Eye" by Jim & Kevin Mainenti
"Best Student Film", "Best Makeup", "Best Supporting Actor" - Janko Popović Volarić
After four young drug dealers obsessed with
space accidentally kill the niece of a
dangerous and eccentric mobster, they
must decide what to do before he arrives,
but little do they know that the real danger
lurks in front of their eyes.
"Existere" by Héctor Calvillo Hernández
"Best Short Film, "Best Student Film", "Best Cinematography"
Long- Horacio is a lonely young man trapped between a repetitive routine and his allegorical dreams that do not let him rest. In these circumstances, he makes the decision not to continue with his routine. But through this act his observation of common things reveal a profound message of vitality.
"Potato Family" by Lori Hamilton
"Best Animation"
When a young potato is rejected by his family, what's a boy to do? Go into fashion, of course!
"Project Spudway" by Lori Hamilton
"Best Animation"
"Nothing is real" by Gil Stefan Basarab & Ido Berlad
"Best Music Video"
"Shoes and Signpost" by Gil Stefan Basarab & Ido Berlad
"Best Short Film", "Best Cinematography"
A man who is shoemaker live near the sea. His name is Tosuke. He broke up with his wife and daughter a few years ago.
One day, Tosuke is looking at the sea, a mysterious girl stands on the water’s edge. The girl is injured in her leg. Tosuke takes her to his home and tries to treat her knees. When he flushes her leg with water in the bathroom, the

wound has curiously blocked. He finds a scale on the floor of the bathroom. He thinks of his daughter who is as old as the girl. The next day, Tosuke sees that the girl looks at the postmarks outside of the window. He decides to take her to a zoo. He notices another scale on the way and thinks it is hers. Tosuke thinks that she won’t have much time to stay in this place. Tosuke spends the left of time with her.
"Under the Ground" by Claude Ciccolella
"Best Experimental Film"
The trauma of natural disaster is highlighted in this first part by a volcanic spectral imagery, a belching of fire, smoke and tremors, where the imagination of this frightening phenomenon and the ambivalence of life and death, could have ensure the benefit of catharsis. But the jolt of war quotes, superimposed on this staggering spectacle, plunges us into an intersubjectivity of telluric emotions and an enclave with two languages, that of the image and the written word.
"Best Short Screenplay"
Night Watchers - A science-filled adventure with the Story Monster. Readers join Story Monster as Eddie the Elf Owl serves as a learning guide to explore the amazing world of nocturnal creatures that live throughout North America. The book uses engaging storytelling, dynamic language, and fun, "graphic novel" style illustrations to ignite a reader’s curiosity. Night Watchers blends nonfiction topics with a captivating narrative in an effort to promote literacy and a desire to learn more about science and nature. The book is designed for young readers, teachers, and parents who want to foster a love for S.T.E.A.M. subjects.
"Story of a Blue Girl" by Alda Ægisdóttir
"Best Animation"
Out of a magical tree a blue girl is born. A handcrafted fantasy world comes to life through stop-motion animation. The girl goes on an intuitive journey where she is meets a mysterious creature, flies on the back of a giant fly and has to confront her own fate. The story references old fairy tales in a naive way. Eyes and plants are reoccurring symbols for the process of life and death in the film's dreamlike reality.
"Counterpart" by Ethan Grover
"Best Short Film", "Best No-Dialogue Film", "Best Sound Design"
A composer facing writer's block finds inspiration through an otherworldly counterpart.
". . . of elephants and ladies" by Larry Gene Fortin
"Best Feature Screenplay"
The life and loves of Sophie Tucker.
The story of one of vaudeville's greatest entertainers Sophie Tucker. Starting out on stage doing black-face in 1906, Sophie struggled with leaving her son in the care of her parents while she followed her dreams. Her outspoken ways help form the original Equity Union and healthcare for her union members. She was the first woman union president elected and the first woman president to be thrown out, and under federal investigation, as the union was destroyed by the men around her. Her talent was large and bawdy as was her material. She was the Last Of The Red Hot Mamas.
"SINIOLCHU , the peak a man fell in love with" by Indranil Ghosh
"Best ECO Work", "Best Actor" - Raghubir Yadav, "Best Young Actress" - Tiyasha Saha, "Best Director" - Indranil Ghosh
The story revolves around fifty-year old Dawa who lives in his own world. His village is situated in the lap of the Himalaya. His infatuation is Siniolchu, the slender peak. If it shines he feels happy; if it is clouded he feels gloom. He considers his chickens as his near and dear ones. He talks with them and shares with Siniolchu. Villagers think he is imbecile. His only friend is a five-year old girl Maya and her puppy Bro. Their world is free from violation of anything on earth; it is bonded by compassion and love. Suddenly Bird Flu breaks out. Mere touch may cause death to a person drives the entire village panicked. Instructed by the village headman ravage goes on to throw them out of the village, virtually leading to death. Only Maya and Dawa try hard to save them. This leads to further catastrophe.
"Tell Me You Love Me" by Paulette Randall MBE
"Best Short Film", "Best Actor" - Danny Bayne, "Best Actress" - Tamzin Outhwaite
Based on a true story - A rooftop party for two, a brother & sister celebrate their love. She has escaped from a violent husband but her scars run deep. She makes the ultimate choice.
"James" by John P. Hallar
"Best Feature Screenplay"
In the civil rights battleground known as the 1960’s south, an unrelenting honest police detective discovers that a cold-blooded murder case of an African American woman’s is never filed by the Chief’s (James’ dad) office. Bound and determined, the uncovered web of corruption in the law enforcement and government ranks hits home when the master mind of the obstruction is his own abusive, alcoholic father. Inspired by true events.
"Fight or Flight" by Jody Geijsendorpher
"Best Dance Video", "Best Short Film", "Best Young Director" - Jody Geijsendorpher, "Best Director Debut", "Best Cinematography", "Best Editing", "Best Scenography"
MMA-Fighter number 362 is just steps away from the ring, when his social anxiety disorder takes over. The society he lives in is divided in rankings, the higher the ranking, the more freedom you have as a civilian. In order to climb up in ranking, 362 has to win a personalized trial; a streetfight. During his path to the ring his perception of the reality starts to twist, panic attacks increase and his inner demons project into the real world. He is captivated by his own reality, his own blurry mind and it seems like the world that he lives in, is turning against him. The only way 362 knows how to deal with his fears is to either fight or flight but this only takes him further away from winning the game. After trying to escape multiple times, his anger and despair take over which brings him to the point of madness. Whilst being in the middle of his anxiety, the audience tells a visual story through hiphop dance to confront him and make sure he can not run away. He stands across his biggest fear, who is manipulative, a bully, a fighter, a demon and only wants to bring 362 down. Neither fighting or flighting will get him to win the fight. In order to win and go up in ranking in the hierarchy of his society he has to stay calm, overcome his anxiety and let go of the insane.
"The Sunshine Summit O’er the Mountain of Dishes" by James Kirby
"Best Director Debut"
Lazy daydreamer seeks to avoid mundane chores so that he can go swimming.
"Carnevil" by Anthony Cross
"Best Feature Screenplay"
Lazy daydreamer seeks to avoid mundane chores so that he can go swimming.An eccentric group of people seeking answers and justice band together in the summer of 1973 to try to take down a killer carnival on the run.
"What a Match" by Björn Granberg Ahlmark
"Best Animation"
In the tv show, What a Match, the old man and woman, seek to find an answer to their longing and hope for deep love! The blind date takes place in front of an enthusiastic live audience in this new successful show!
"The Path of the Knight" by Yexin Chai, Yuan Cao, and Yifei Jin
"Best Animation"
The Path of The Knight is a 5 minutes 3D animated short film set in the 15th century. Society is suffering from wars, poverty, and diseases. Wanting to hold on to power, the church announces that the disasters are not due to God’s will, but blames an easy target: witches. The audience follows a knight where he abandons his duties for self-recognition during this time of persecution.
"THE FALLEN" by Sinew Zhang
"Best Animation"
THE FALLEN is a mesmerizing and ethereal real-time short short film that transports us to a breathtaking post-apocalyptic world. We witness the awakening of a city constructed within the bones of a long-forgotten creature, where nothing is quite as it seems, and danger lurks around every corner. Against this backdrop, a young girl becomes immersed in the chaos and sets out to chase the creatures, leading her on a journey of discovery and danger.
"JUANA" by Fernando Montes de Oca Martin
"Best Short Documentary"
Juana, a strong and independent woman is exiled from Spain in the civil war, embarks on a trip to Mexico.
Upon reaching her destination, she meets a man and creates a family, leaving two children as offspring.
Fernando, Juana's youngest son, faces the fortunes and misadventures of family life, suffers the loss of his father and awaits his mother's desired moment, turning one hundred years old. Devastating event that allows us to reflect on death.
"Flora's Diary" by Beatriz Garcia
"Best LGBTQ+ Film"
Teenage can be a troubled time, even more so when Flora starts to have a relationship with Victoria, her sister Flávia's ex. To avoid the void, Flávia starts dating Isaac, with her parents' disapproval. Meanwhile, Flora finds refuge in the library, where she meets Isabella.
"ZAUBERWEGE - On the path to music" by Francesca Canali
"Best Short Documentary"
Salzburg, the city of Mozart, of music and of musicians: who are they, what do they do and why? what is music to them? what is behind the beauty and the emotions of their concerts? Where and how does the path to becoming a musician begin?
The documentary film Zauberwege (Magical Paths) follows the young flutists of a music school in Austria and their teacher, the Italian musician Francesca Canali, who lives in Salzburg, through various everyday life situations (lessons, preparation for concerts and exams, concerts), giving voice through their interviews to the thoughts, feelings, emotions that accompany their paths (Wege) of life and musical development.
"A USEFUL CRIME" by Serge Tiar
"Best Short Film"
Mathilde is an assertive artist. She traces her path with conviction. She goes to the provinces with her companion, to put on a play she has written.
In a station hallway she sees her father sleeping on cardboard boxes. She will discover a poet father, loving with modesty, passionate about Woody Allen clinging to what remains to him, a book, "God, Shakespeare and me".
The Father and his Daughter will dare to say to each other what they have never been able to say to each other before.
"Seven Minutes" by Vitor Manuel Nunes Bom Norte
"Best Short Film"
The life of the dead is present in the memory of the living" (Cicero)
In the rhythmic compass of the minutes, a madman enters the strange journey of the human imagination, challenging the norms and limits of reason, venturing into the unknown and without fearing the consequences of his actions.
He finds an enigma in death, which does not know whether it is his friend or enemy, punishment or reward, defeat or victory. Killing is a condition that frees him from an unbearable or meaningless reality, projected onto what he considers to be his tormentor.
The madman and the death wish are two concepts that, at the pace of the clock, intersect in various ways in the human imagination.
In the unfathomable world of a sick mind, death represents dark, mysterious and fascinating aspects of the human condition, which invite us to reflect on the meaning of life.
"Why Can't I Be Me? Around You" by Harrod Blank
"Best Feature Documentary"
Albuquerque’s Rusty Tidenberg, auto mechanic and drag-racing aficionado, shocked friends and family by coming out as trans. Followed for eight years by filmmaker Harrod Blank (son of Les Blank), Rusty guides us through the aftermath of her transition, as growing acceptance among her straight-talking Southwest community still doesn’t ease her romantic and professional woes. Interwoven with lively tales of gender non-conforming individuals on the art-car circuit, Blank’s film — a hit at South by Southwest — is a sensitive and unpredictable love letter to people who fight to be unapologetically themselves.
"Dugout Dick" by Harrod Blank
"Best Short Documentary"
A heartwarming portrait of an Idaho hermit, Richard “Dugout Dick” Zimmerman, who lived in caves that he dug on the banks of the Salmon River. It was the hope of finding precious metals that kept him digging and mining, but ultimately it was his simple life of living off the land that sustained him.
Filmmaker Harrod Blank decided to edit the film in March of 2020, given the COVID pandemic, as he felt Dugout Dick's hermit lifestyle and living off the land was especially timely
Note: Film will be re-framed, mixed, and color corrected. It was scanned to 6.5 K so the quality is amazing.
"Immortal Mind" by Roku Jingwen Long
"Best Original Score", "Best Composer" - Delu Duan
A heartwarming portrait of an Idaho hermit, Richard “Dugout Dick” Zimmerman, who lived in caves that he dug on the banks of the Salmon River. It was the hope of finding precious metals that kept him digging and mining, but ultimately it was his simple life of living off the land that sustained him.
Filmmaker Harrod Blank decided to edit the film in March of 2020, given the COVID pandemic, as he felt Dugout Dick's hermit lifestyle and living off the land was especially timely
Note: Film will be re-framed, mixed, and color corrected. It was scanned to 6.5 K so the quality is amazing.
"Dear Vanessa" by Roku Jingwen Long
"Best LGBTQ+ Film", "Best Original Score", "Best Composer" - Delu Duan
Amidst a night of heartache and longing, two Asian girls, Lucy and Vanessa seize an opportunity to get closer through laughter, tears, and shared dreams. As their connection deepens, Lucy must navigate her hidden feelings toward Vanessa while exploring the possibility of a profound and unexpected love. Along the way, Lucy reveals her desire to create a story about their journey, and the film becomes the realization of her deepest aspirations.
"That Girl from Ukraine" by Mohinder Pal Singh Sobti
"Best Feature Film"
This is a story inspired by true events, about a girl who moved out of Ukraine, because of the war in her country. Upon arriving to Poland, in the camp, she meets with an older guy, who seems helpful and responsible and caring and helps hosting her for a night before she travels to her friend to another city. As events unfold, they seem to have found a friend in each other. But his past troubled experiences with women, and his life experiences, let his male ego come into this new relationship, which eventually takes a turn and a friendship which could have done well for both to start a new life, comes to an end.
"AJ" by Kata Varga
"Best Television Script"
AJ /Assassin Jane/ is a nomad killer with mystical powers, partly living with her two Norwegian warrior brothers: Halvar and Tore, her chosen family. Their tribe brings the female myth culture into my story. AJ is the chosen one picked by the supernatural being from the Norwegian folk - the White Wolf. Halvar (the elder brother) is the mentor-figure for AJ, while Tore is some kind of forbidden love for her. They promised each other to enter the Valhalla together. Until then, AJ only accepts criminal targets and falls for a high-profile Russian gangster, Maxim. He represents lost mercy. Tore meets Gustavo Alvarez (The Mexican) in a cave to perform a saman ritual which gives Alvarez supernatural powers in exchange for his soul. The Mexican wants AJ to join his rebellious tribe against racism to save his people in this lifetime. AJ uses a man to cover one of her killings but they 'accidentally' meet again, continue their heavy flirting, go on a date, kiss, then sleep together. He's James, an undercover CIA agent who's job is to stop Alvarez. AJ thinks she's a tool for James but the Mexican surprisingly tells otherwise.
"Luke and Oscar" by Antoine Priou
"Best Animation"
"Best Producer" - Antoine Priou
A fox is preparing to meet an opponent for a boxing match. But he will have a surprise.
"Harvesting Our Tea" by Sheida Kiran
"Best Student Film"
For centuries, women have picked tea on the steep slopes of Turkey's Black Sea region. It is grueling work, and much of what they earn has traditionally been handed to their husbands. But now a new generation are turning their backs on tea picking, and the industry's survival is uncertain. 'Harvesting Our Tea' follows the young women who hope change is coming and the older ones who fear for their way of life.
"The Days Have Gotten So Long" by Jasmine Woodard
"Best Short Film", "Best Mobile Film"
A silent film exploring the deteriorating mind of a man under quarantine.
"Desire Untamed" by Jonathan Daniel Williams & Qituwra Anderson
"Best Drama", "Best Actress" - Qituwra Anderson, "Best Producer" - Qituwra Anderson
A successful writer risks her life and career after accepting a proposition to seduce her client's husband in exchange for a kidney to save her dying mother.
"Sanity Road" by Eric Kelso
"Best Feature Screenplay"
Young Billy is put into a mental institute for talking to animals, rocks, clouds and "God" and they all talk back, according to Billy. Upon his release, he sets out on a mysterious road trip to find some answers.
"The thousand gates of Filippo" by Adamo Antonacci
"Best Original Score", "Best Composer" - Carlo Chiarotti
Can art help an autistic person express his interior world? Can it become a
tool to change a complicated existential situation into something positive?
And when this happens, what form does it take? And most important of all: is
it possible to capture the impenetrable soul of a young man like Filippo?
"The Master of Sento" by Yusuke Ishide
"Best Short Film", Best Original Score", "Best Comedy", "Best Cinematography", "Best Costume Design"
Shitamachi (traditional commercial district) Tokyo. Asakusa, Taito-ku. At an old public bath, there is an old fashioned, stubborn master who doesn't speak much and his beautiful wife. The couple runs the business well, but the wife leaves home due to the husband's bad drinking habit. Instead of learning from his wife's leaving, his drinking habit gets worse. Losing patience, his nosy neighbors visit him and persuade him into getting back together with his wife... Set in the public bath "Arimayu", which was built in 1930 and is still open, the story depicts the relationship of a married couple and humanity.
"Montana" by Julia M. Sauder
"Best Short Screenplay"
"VIVIDREAM" by Matteo Di Loreto
"Best Dance Video", "Best Director Debut", "Best Producer", "Best Cinematography", "Best Editing"
Between dream and reality a girl finds herself in the audience of a theatre (Royal Danish Theatre) to find out there are other people there with her. While events between the dancers unfold, a voice guides them on a journey of surreality where the relation between the audience and the stage is connected by a subtle veil.

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